Saturday, August 1, 2009

The girl behind the mask

IM BACK!! i decided to bring my blog out from the dust into the blogging world again...whoop di do.. ( doing the victory dance) ok note to self....change blog page layout...

Updates later...

Have you ever felt like you have to put on different masks evryday just to please someone or to disguise how you actually feel? During work, i learnt that i have to always put on a smile even if im talking on the phone no matter how freaking tired i was or how my feet ache from the wrong choice of footwear to the long hours of standing or how nasty the customer maybe, we just have to swallow it put on a stupid plastic smile. it sucks. but i guess no one wants a grumpy person to serve you.

work aside. i feel the constant need to put on a mask to disguise my feelings. I think i just have this problem of not being able to say no to someone ( dear friends, pls dont use this against me) lol. So even if i mind or dont want to do it, i'll just do it. i know rite. what a pushover!. Ok maybe sometimes i might mind but if you are someone dear to me. i would go the extra mile for you. But it would certainly be nice if you could show some appreciation once in a while. Like maybe i dont know say thank you maybe? Oh but you may think i didnt sacrifice that much or go the extra mile for you. But i felt that i did. doesnt evryone want to feel loved once in a while? So if you have not tell your friends how much they meant to you, or how much you appreciate them or how much you love them...tell them! whoever said that the four lettered words are only meant for couples. Even there are times when you see like teenagers prancing around in their Coach handbags or sometimes just shopping with friends, i cant help but feel envious. When will i ever reach that stage where you flip the price tag and not feel like crap. But i just have to chant to myself be thankful for what you have. Nonetheless, i LOVE my parents to death although they maybe all nagg-y and annoying at times.They gave up luxuries of life like travelling overseas to provide for me and my sisters. So i shan't be ungrateful which is why i decided to take up a part time job so that my parents wont need to give me an allowance. There are also times when someone passes me a hurtful remark, i just laugh it off. it hurts even deeper. Or the times i say stuff to please ppl or more less lie? ok maybe just deviate a lil from the truth? But aiya who doesnt to do that to get acceptance into a group of friends or just so the person will like you. What a cruel world we live in. But i guess these are just part and parcels of the big old thing call L-I-F-E. Sucks socks but oh well...

I'm sure im not the only one who puts on a mask, i do hope u share my lament or i might be going crazy? I just hope that behind all these masks, i will not get lost in these masks and lose who i truly am. Basically that would be like a soul-less person.

But are we living a fulfilling life living behind the mask? i'll let you ponder on that......

Here's a little someone i can totally count on to be there for me!

my honey munchkins, POTATO pie.... the poor thing needs a haircut!

We have a very complicated relationship. Trust me. I'll just save it for another time.

So dear friends, if i have not told you that i love you.. this is a BIG MUAX and i love you!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

ihateherihateherihateherihateherihateherihateherihateherihateher SADDIST!!! HEART-LESS!!!ADOLF HITLER!!!!

dear classmates can we pls sign a petition against her!???


who says stuff like good luck in your supp paper when u have not even sat for finals yet!
who says stuff like i dont mind if all my students fail?

Are you REJOICING in OUR misery?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is OUR climb

I dedicate this song to evyrone who is facing their final examinations.....

"The Climb"

I can almost see it.
That dream I'm dreaming,
butThere's a voice inside my head saying
You'll never reach it
Every step I'm takin'
Every move I make
Feels lost with no direction,
My faith is shakin'
But I gotta keep tryin'
Gotta keep my head held high
There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose
Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waitin' on the other side
It's the climb
The struggles I'm facing
The chances I'm taking
Sometimes might knock me down,
butNo I'm not breakingI may not know it, but
These are the moments thatI'm gonna remember most
I've just gotta keep goin', and
I gotta be strong
Just keep pushing on, but
There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose
Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waitin' on the other side
It's the climb
There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose
Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waitin' on the other side
It's the climb
Keep on movin'
Keep climbin'
Keep faith baby
It's all about, it's all about
The climb
Keep the faith, keep your faith, woah

Wishing evryone all the best in their upcoming exams!

p/s: i still find miley cyrus's voice annoying. ignore the voice n read the lyrics.LOL

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Talk about P.M.S------> a real pain in the ass!
Something thats maybe a tiny ant bite will seem like the end of the world for me!
equals to as nickylicious refers to ' shutters all close' gloomy me!

The big day is coming where im officially a year older but im dreading it. No birthday is worth celebrating if not with family and close friends. But life's unfair. You dont get what you want.

but i had a conversation with Kuen and she made me come to my senses more,

SkY~N KuEN (R) - says:Well, there're things that you cannot judge based on one situation only right??

(*) SkY~N KuEN (R) - says:hehe.... cuz in chinese saying, things can only happen when the the time is right, the ppl is right, and the day is right... ( something like tht la.. i suck in translation)

(*) SkY~N KuEN (R) - says:it doesnt mean that your close friends dun care about you anymore even though they cant make it...

(*) SkY~N KuEN (R) - says:it's not tht they dun love you anymore when they cant make it..

(*) SkY~N KuEN (R) - says:i knw in this important day, you wish to have ur loved ones together with you... but there are times that things doesnt happend according to what you expect, just like the stupid aseptic class test.

(*) SkY~N KuEN (R) - says:gal, cheer up... it doesnt mean that i dont love you anymore...

(*) SkY~N KuEN (R) -says:it doesnt mean tht i dun care for you anymore...

(*) SkY~N KuEN (R) says:deep in my heart, you still stay.. :)
(*) SkY~N KuEN (R) - says:i knw i may sound like i'm giving excuse.... but trust me, i am not. what i meant and what i wrote is totally from the bottom of my heart

I LOVE YOU TOO KUEN! thanks for always having the right things to say and giving me the slap i need! i know u guys wanna be there ( haha im gonna believe it!) i understand k? so now to make up for it i want a BIG present!this applies also to nickylicious and tan swee leen!! LOL just kidding! anyways i still love u guys!

I wish that we will all do well in this coming fri's biotech quiz and in finals! and nickylicious in his EOS5! (blows candles)

here's a lil something for the guys and girls to laugh about......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Of Zeroes.

Pharmacy life has been D-U-L-L. and the cycle repeats. Today we had our aseptic dispensing lab examination. Lucky me i got the first batch to take the exam. We had to prepare eye-drops and multidose vial for injection. Both prescription had problems which i thought was CRAZY! and we had to do aseptic technique for the vial ( a sterilization method which requires a lot of time) So basically THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH TIME! Ten minutes left on the clock and i started mixing the solution for vial. So i said TO HELL with the aseptic technique and just poured evrything into the bottle provided. Probably contaminated like mad. haha. I hope im not scaring off potential customers of my pharmacy. I assure u i only do this during examinations. LOL.

Nevertheless....the final outcome..first time ever screwing dispensing that badly..i obtained two ZEROES...
I got the concentration wrong for the first prescription = Zero
I did not change the signa for the second prescription = Zero

Who knew Dr.Y would confuse us with so many problems in one prescription!
WHERE GOT ENOUGH TIME to figure evrything out, write the report and do the preparation for you!

Ive come to a conclusion, knowledge is not enough, u need time management, the ability to remain calm despite the time ticking away and LOADS OF LUCK in order to pass!

Bright side: we still have finals to make up for our mistakes!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Dont Judge a Book by its cover.

So u're probably wondering who's this woman is right? The priest in my church mentioned her in his sermon. This is the perfect lesson to be learnt when it comes to judging a person based on their appearance.
So watch this video on this link and u'll understand what im talking about..../

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yes im still in Ipoh. A short trip back to Ipoh for cheng beng turned out to be a long one. why? well it was initially an appendicitis scare but it turned out to be a viral infection. Its a good thing! the thought of surgery freaks me out! minus the severe stomache, nausea and vomitting. Thank you dear friends for all your calls and sms-es. I'm gonna be alright. i'll be returning to suck-fest KL tmr and so try not to miss me too much ya! LOL

April Fool's Day reminds me of Lava. Cos its her birthday. haha. Happy Birthday Lava all the way in India! It also reminds me of that year when we played an april fool's prank on our teachers back in secondary school where we switched classes. It took them sometime to realise that they were teaching the wrong class. I rmbr a teacher even stood outside the class looking puzzled to make sure she was in the right class (puan Khalijah) . that was just hilarious.

OK im disgusted to admit im a shopaholic series fan. i have NOT watch the movie eventhough i anticipated it the moment i found out that there was going to be a movie (long story=do not wish to talk bout it) and i dont think im going to watch it anytime soon. so if you have watched it, DONT talk to me bout it,i dont want to know. and DONT drool over LUKE BRANDON in front of me.

i'll just satisfy my hunger by reading...

uh huh yeah rite.....